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Experience Business Day at the U of L

U of L's Experience Business Day offers students the chance to meet faculty, staff and students from the Dhillon School of Business and take part in interactive, hands-on learning opportunities to explore the world of business, from accounting to human resource management; even formal business dinner etiquette!

Students will learn about teamwork and why diverse skills matter, why organizations must be learning-driven, how to be aware of hidden assumptions in their work, how to analyze financial statements with ratios and how to use this information to make educated investment decisions. They will also discover the importance of effective organizational communication and choosing a communication medium, how to determine the attractiveness of entering a new industry, and dining etiquette tips & tricks in a formal business setting.

DATE: Friday, May 10

TIME: 9:30 to 2:30

For more information about Experience Business Day and to register, please contact Michael Gale at

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