Staff Directory


Photo of Greg Rollingson

Mr. Greg Rollingson


Phone: 403-824-3817

Photo of Phil Uren

Mr. Phil Uren


Photo of Larissa Gellrich

Mrs. Larissa Gellrich

Office Assistant

Phone: 403-824-3817

Photo of Laine Clay

Mrs. Laine Clay

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 403-824-3817


Photo of Lorraine Haakenson

Mrs. Lorraine Haakenson

Early Learning Educator

Photo of Ethel Langhofer

Ms. Ethel Langhofer

Kindergarten (on leave)

Photo of Tracy Dorchak

Mrs. Tracy Dorchak

Grade 4

Photo of Anna McBryan

Ms. Anna McBryan

Choir / LST

Photo of Kyle Gibson

Mr. Kyle Gibson

Jr. & Sr. High Science / Athletics Director

Photo of Katherine Pritchard

Mrs. Katherine Pritchard

Sr. High Maths

Photo of Phil Uren

Mr. Phil Uren

Jr. & Sr. High Social Studies

Photo of Sarah Petersen

Mrs. Sarah Petersen

Grade 6

Photo of Nicola Colman

Ms. Nicola Colman

Junior High Language Arts / Music

Photo of Krista Drew

Mrs. Krista Drew

Grade 5 / Sr. High English

Photo of Chris Maughan

Mr. Chris Maughan

Grade 5 / Shop / Phys Ed.

Photo of Warren Thompson

Mr. Warren Thompson

Jr. High Maths

Photo of Shelby Armstrong

Mrs. Shelby Armstrong

Grade 2

Photo of Karma Braun

Mrs. Karma Braun

Grade 1

Photo of Jessica Harty

Mrs. Jessica Harty

Grade 3

Photo of Amanda Salicco

Ms. Amanda Salicco

Student Teacher/Jr. High Social Studies/Options

Photo of Josh Sluijmers

Mr. Josh Sluijmers

Student Teacher/Grade 10 Social Studies/Options

Photo of Jason Blumell

Mr. Jason Blumell

Grade 5

Support Staff

Photo of Desiree Krahn

Miss Desiree Krahn

Learning Commons Facilitator / Librarian

Phone: 403-824-3817 ext.200

Photo of Kristy Fleischhauer

Mrs. Kristy Fleischhauer

Educational Assistant

Photo of Denise Peterson

Mrs. Denise Peterson

Learning Assistant

Photo of Julie Pike

Mrs. Julie Pike

Learning Assistant

Photo of Brenda MacMillan

Ms. Brenda MacMillan

Learning Assistant

Photo of Angela Campbell

Mrs. Angela Campbell

Learning Assistant

Photo of Nancy Neufeld

Miss Nancy Neufeld

Learning Assistant

Photo of Nicole Stafford

Mrs. Nicole Stafford

Family School Liason Counselor

Photo of Mary Wiebe

Mrs. Mary Wiebe

Educational Assistant

Photo of Treena Koberinski

Ms. Treena Koberinski

Educational Assistant

Photo of Angela Nieuwenhuis

Ms. Angela Nieuwenhuis

Educational Assistant

Photo of Jeff Hawthorn

Mr. Jeff Hawthorn