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Update from the NCS Office

Hello Noble Central Community,
As you know the province announced new restrictions for Albertans due to the increased impact of COVID.  As Alberta readjusts to these new requirements, I wanted to be sure to reach out to our community to talk about what this means for our school.  There aren't many changes that we have to make, as the staff and students have already been doing a great job of being mindful of distancing and staying home when symptomatic.  The biggest change is that there is now a requirement for masking, for those in the building grade 4 and above.  Students will not be required to mask while in the classroom, but in common areas masks need to be worn.  Any exemptions should come through my office, and we can talk on an individual basis.   
Another requirement calls for elementary classes to be cohorted. We had already been cohorting in our K-3 and our 4-6 groups, so any changes we have to make will be minimal. We are going to make slight adjustments for recess play areas. The big change here will be how we gather when it's time to bring students back into the school.  Instead of lining up close together near other classes, we will line up further apart, and make sure students from one grade are in the school before calling on the next group to come in.
I am happy to say that sports and activities for the older students will continue! We are currently working on figuring out how many spectators, if any, will be allowed into Palliser gyms.  There will be more to come on this so please stay tuned.  As you can imagine, there is a lot of details that need to get worked out.  The key is that kids are still playing, and get to participate in sport.

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