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Career Exploration Session: Hairstylist

Interested in becoming a Hairstylist? Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn more about the profession!

Session details:

You just got the perfect cut or the most amazing colour… you are unstoppable. You feel incredible and you’re walking taller. Imagine being able to make someone feel that confident all day every day. As Hairstylists and industry professionals we create a trust and a bond with our clients that can last a lifetime. Constantly changing and evolving there is no time to stand still in our world. Creatively there is no end to what you can achieve. With a great employment rate, the ability to travel, be on stage, work with large Brands, work from home…what the industry can give to you is whatever you want it to. Join Kayla Piecharka as she walks you through how to have your career started before you go to school, and how to achieve the most from your time as a Beauty industry professional.

Each student needs to register in advance in order to receive a link to the virtual events. The deadline to register is 12:00 pm the morning of the event. Career Exploration Sessions are run as a Meeting on Microsoft Teams. Further instructions along with the link will be sent directly to the you.

The sessions will be recorded and posted to our website within 5 days of the event. Anyone who was unable to attend the live session can be directed here: ( Obviously, the advantage of attending in person is that you can ask questions of the host during the live event.

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