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Diploma Exam Tips

TIP #1 Don’t increase your coffee intake!

Drinking a stronger coffee or drinking more coffee could actually cause your mind to blank during the exam because you’ve impaired your brain’s functioning and increased your anxiety.

TIP #2 Stay away from other stressed out students

You’ve heard the saying, “misery likes company,” well anxious students make others around them anxious, which could jeopardize your exam results. Go somewhere quiet and turn off that negative talk in your mind. Tell yourself that you will do your best.

TIP #3 Exercise 20 minutes before the exam to increase your energy and focus

Exercise reduces stress and increases hormones, which increase learning, attention and motivation. Research has shown that exercise actually increases the size of the hippocampus in the brain, which means more room for memory retention! Even during the exam, you can move your feet or hands to get rid of anxiety and get back to focusing.

**20 minutes of exercise before an exam has shown an increase in exam scores!**

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