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Upcoming Career Exploration Sessions

There are lots of things happening with Career Exploration Sessions over the coming weeks. Here is a summary of upcoming Virtual Career Exploration Sessions:

Parts Technician session details:

Take a virtual tour with your host and sponsors from Southland International and explore Parts Technician as a career path. Discover various aspects of parts procurement and the importance of this role in the overall operation. See how parts are received and the computer systems involved. Delve into customer service and promotion and ask questions of the host. Finally, explore the unique business of “Old International Truck Parts” which will include a quick tour of the “Kirkham Collection” – a renowned Old International Trucks Museum. You don’t want to miss this!

Welder session details:

Take a virtual tour with your host and sponsors from Southland Trailers and discover why Welding is such a great career path. Not only will you get a chance to look at some key tasks and skills needed for welding, but AB Apprenticeship will also be on hand to answer your questions.

Data Scientist session details:

Do you enjoy working with computers or programming? If you are, join our data science career talk! Data science involves working with large amounts of information ("data"), such as the number of players on a Fortnite server, to solve problems. Cybera data scientist Laura Gutierrez-Funderburk will tell you more about this career and what it takes to land a data science job.

Primary Care Nurse session details:

Nursing is an incredibly diverse occupation. While approximately 60% of nurses work in hospital settings, an increasing number of nurses work outside of this realm. Join Registered Nurses Robyn, Kim and Kim from the Chinook Primary Care Network as they discuss the realm of Primary Care nursing. While acute care works to treat disease, primary care uses a team-based approach in the treatment of disease with an additional focus on wellness and the prevention of disease.

Reminder: You must register in advance in order to receive a link to these virtual events. The deadline to register is 12:00 pm the morning of the event. Career Exploration Sessions are run as a Meeting on Microsoft Teams. Further instructions along with the link will be sent directly to you after you register.

The sessions will be recorded and posted to Career Transitions' website within 5 days of the event. Anyone who was unable to attend the live session can view/listen to it here: ( Obviously, the advantage of attending in person is that students can ask questions of the host during the live event.

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